Electric Just Got Easy

The no-brainer way to get an EV for gig

Electric Just Got Easy

The no-brainer way to get an EV for gig

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Chevy Bolt EV

Drive freely with 238 miles of all-electric range

$299 per month + mileage


$79 per week + mileage


The most affordable, flexible, and convenient way to go electric. Say goodbye to rental cars.

Drive to $0
A car that only gets better. More details below.

No restrictions
All active gig drivers are welcome.

Qualify for EV incentives
Early adopters are being rewarded. Earn an extra $1 for every Uber trip.

Low start fee
Save $1000s compared to a down payment on a lease or loan. Get started for just $299.

Want to experience an EV first? Try Hive for a week, risk-free! Get your start fee back, no questions asked.

Peace of Mind Included

Unlimited Charging

Comprehensive Maintenance

Dedicated Concierge

Mobile Charging Support

Roadside Assistance

Electric Driving Efficiency Tips

for only


per mile

Pay as you earn

Includes unlimited charging and routine maintenance

per mile
25-30 miles of range per hour
Fully charge in 1 hour

Daily payments

Align your payments with your earnings. You'll be billed daily for miles driven on the previous day.

Digital wallet

Hive’s wallet makes payments easy! Preload your account, view your payment history, and manage your membership (coming soon).

Mileage goals

Hive is designed to maximize the environmental benefits of electric vehicles. Members aim to drive at least 2,000 miles per month. Reduce more carbon, and get to $0 quicker. It’s a win-win.

More affordable than a gas car

Hive gives you everything you need to succeed, all for less than the total cost of operating a comparable gas car. Click here to learn more about the economics.

Drive to $0

It’s like owning a car, without the strings!

Join Hive
Start your path towards a $0 membership.

$0 Membership
Drive for 60 months or 150,000 miles to qualify for $0 membership.

Out of gas

Drive Well
Build your Hive score and stay on track for Drive to $0.

Keep your convenient charging location and hassle-free routine maintenance with your mileage payment.



Peace of Mind Included

Live the way you wish the world was - drive Hive. No carbon footprint.
 Big time savings.

$0.20 /mile

Hive Per Mile Price

EV + Charging

Full Maintenance

24/7 Concierge

Mobile Charging Assistance

Personalized Efficiency Driving Data Access

$0.40 /mile

Gasoline Car Price*


Oil Changes

Mile tracker apps

More Gas

Car Repairs

Car Insurance

Vehicle upkeep wear & tear

Gig without interruptions

If you’re going to work with your car, you need a car that works for you.

200 mile range

Most gig drivers cover 50 to 70 miles a shift. Chevy Bolt’s are rated at 200+ of range per charge.

Charging included

Our EVs are compatible with 10k+ charging stations in the greater LA and SF areas. Whether near home or on the go, you'll always be close to a charge.

Comprehensive routine maintenance

Don’t stress about large and unexpected maintenance bills blowing your budget. We take care of it.

Roadside assistance

Flat tire or dead battery? Access our roadside assistance to get moving!

Stay Protected

Select the insurance option that works for you. All policies are approved for rideshare,  delivery, and personal use.

How insurance works
Once you are approved for membership, you will receive a personalized quote for a State Farm policy. Insurance is paid monthly.
Want to customize your policy? State Farm allows you to increase your liability limits, lower your deductible, and even bundle other vehicles.

Reserve your spot in Hive

The world is going electric. Why wait?

Build a better future now, for you, your loved ones, and the planet.

Join the e-list and place your $25 refundable deposit.

Get approved by verifying your information and connecting an active gig account.

Start driving when your EV is ready. Join now to get started asap.

Questions & Answers

And if the answers create more questions,
we’re here to answer them: support@drivehive.com

Is a Hive EV cheaper than a gas car?

Vehicle Costs
Hive’s membership is less than a lease or finance for a comparable gas car. A $20,000 car financed over 5 years would be an estimated $425 / month.

Operating Costs
Gas cars are very expensive to operate, and often have high and unpredictable maintenance expenses. AAA estimates that drivers of gas vehicles spend over $0.20 per mile on gas and maintenance alone. That doesn’t include other costs that may surprise you, such as depreciation, major maintenance items, and repairs.

Hive’s partnership with State Farms allows us to provide insurance to our members at market rates. No more paying expensive daily rental car insurance.

Why is Hive the best way to get an EV?

Hive is designed to be inclusive and provide an electric future for those will contribute towards the most environmental impact. As long as you’re active gig driver, you don’t need to meet other income or credit requirements.

Per-mile payments
Hive’s daily mileage payment makes operating costs more predictable and consistent. Don’t worry about not having enough cash to fix your car and getting it back up and running.

Drive to $0
Hive isn’t a rental. Hive is designed to be a modern alternative to leasing or financing a car. You can keep the same car for as long as you’d like, and get rid of your monthly payment in just a few years if you’re driving full-time.

How does the trial week work?

Want to try out an EV and make sure it fits your lifestyle before placing your $299 start fee and getting an insurance policy?
We get it.

Try out Hive for a week for just $79 + mileage & insurance.
Don’t want to continue? Return the car at the end of the week, and receive your $299 start fee back, less any applicable fees upon return.

What are all of the costs?
  • Start Fee — A $299 start fee is required to activate your membership.
  • Membership — $299/month or $79/week.
  • Mileage — $0.20/mile or $0.27/mile depending on charging plan
  • Insurance — Market rates based on individual driving record
  • Tax — Membership and mileage are subject to local sales tax rates
Where and how do I charge?

Hive’s charging network includes most major networks. As part of your onboarding, we will locate the most convenient charger and provide you with an RFID card to access it. Hive’s standard $0.20 / mile rate include ‘Level 2’ charging, which provides about 25-35 miles per hour. Want to get faster charging speeds? Hive’s $0.27 / mile plan provides unlimited access to EVGo’s DC fast charging network, which can provide a full charge in less than an hour.

How do I qualify for Drive to $0?

All memberships include Drive to $0 as a perk. After being a member for 60 months OR driving 150,000 miles, your membership cost will go to $0.

To be eligible, throughout your membership you must remain in good payment standing throughout their entire membership, not have any at-fault accidents, and keep up to date on routine maintenance.

What are the requirements to become a member?

Hive’s mission is to democratize access to EVs. To be eligible for membership, you must:

• Be an active gig driver (proof required)
• Be at least 25 years old
• Have a valid driver’s license
• Have a clean driving record
• Live within Hive’s LA and SF service areas
• Have a valid credit or debit card
• Have a residential address

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